The effect of glycine on the skin
-2019-12-27 11:02:21-

1. Glycine is the most basic substance that constitutes a protein, and the composition of human cells accounts for 50% of the dry weight of the cell.

Protein is also a component of various enzymes involved in various biochemical reactions in the human body.

Therefore, glycine is an essential component of the body composition. The effect on the skin is: 1. Provide skin immune function, regulate moisture, acid and alkali, balance oil, improve the sensitivity of sensitive skin, prevent wrinkles.

2. Activate the activity of skin cell superoxide dismutase peroxide, remove excess free radicals from skin cells, and effectively delay skin aging.

3. Activate the phagocytic function of macrophages, detoxification and detoxification functions of the lymphatic system, effectively blocking the harmful effects of harmful substances on the skin. Improve skin anti-allergic ability, and decompose and excrete harmful substances and aging cells in the body.

4. It can chelate with divalent metal ions in bran, prevent excessive divalent metal ions from cross-linking with collagen in skin, maintain enough collagen fibers and elastic fibers, make skin smooth, delicate and rich. elasticity.