How to eat lycopene is the healthiest
-2019-12-27 11:03:59-

It is difficult to achieve this effect by eating raw tomatoes. The role of lycopene is very magical. For female friends, if you are still young and have good skin, you have not produced those nasty spots and dullness. Then, experts recommend that you eat 1-2 cooked tomatoes a day. Taking a small amount of lycopene can help you avoid those beautiful cockroaches to a great extent.

However, if you are now over 25 years old, your skin is starting to go downhill. Then, you may need to add 10-20 mg of lycopene every day to help you change the status quo. This is equivalent to eating 5-10 kg of cooked tomatoes every day. For ordinary people, eating so many tomatoes every day is obviously unrealistic, so it is advisable to regularly add products containing natural lycopene, such as Euverse lycopene soft capsules.