Hebei Granray Bioproductsparticipated in the exhibition in Thailand
-2019-12-27 09:46:32-

The food ingredients Asia (Fi Aisa) is one of the "Fi" food ingredients series exhibitions. It was founded in 1996, and rapidly rose in the food ingredients market in southeast Asia. Since 2010, it has been successfully held in Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.The exhibition covers the Natural Food Ingredients Natural Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Health Food Ingredients Health Ingredients three topics.With natural and healthy organic food gradually becoming the main trend in the development of the food industry, it makes the focus of the audience more clear and perfectly presents the development trend of the food industry.Food ingredients Asia (Fi Aisa) has now developed into one of the most authoritative international brand exhibitions in the food ingredients industry.Manager liang xinwei participated in the FI Thailand exhibition in 2019 on behalf of our company and achieved fruitful results.

Thailand is a major consumer and producer of food, and is the center of the food trade in Asia.Southeast Asia and surrounding countries around the Thai market platform for trade exchanges!For Chinese food enterprises, this market platform has unlimited business opportunities, development prospects!And China is Thailand's third largest export partner, after the United States and Japan!In the past year, the Asia international ingredients Thailand exhibition attracted more than 1,300 exhibitors from all over the world and attracted 26,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries, with the overall purchasing power reaching 71%.

This exhibition is the first time for our company to participate in the exhibition in Thailand. It is a key step of our company's trade with southeast Asia, and a major step for our company to realize the strategy of going global and open the market in southeast Asia.This FI Thailand exhibition, attracted many southeast Asian enterprises to the site.During the three-day exhibition, foreign customers came to our booth to consult our products in an endless stream, and our exhibitors provided them with professional and detailed explanation and service.

This exhibition, to our company's southeast Asia foreign trade work plays a very obvious role in promoting.We believe that with the improvement of the company's product quality and service level, the popularity of granray biology at home and abroad is also gradually improving, contributing to the national strategy of "One Belt And One Road".