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    • L- arginine

      L- arginineProduct features L-arginine, CAS no. :74-79-3 molecular formula :C6H14N4O2 molecular weight :174.2.Melting point 222 C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation 27.1 (C =8, 6N HCl) boiling point 305.18C (rough estimate) density 1.2297 (rough estimat......Contact now

    • Copper glycine

      Copper glycine產品特性 甘氨酸銅又稱雙甘氨酸銅,分子式為C4H8CuN2O4,分子量為211.663。CAS號:13479-54-4 物化性質:藍色粉末,加熱至130℃脫水,228℃分解。不溶于烴類、醚類和酮類,微溶于乙醇,微溶......Contact now

    • alanine

      alanineProduct features L-Alanine also known as l-l-alanine L-(+) -alanine l-primary amino acid l-2-aminopropionic acid.Chemical formula: C3H7NO2;Molecular weight: 89.09;CAS no. : 56-41-7;EINECS no. : 200-273-8.Melting point: 297 C;Water soluble:......Contact now

    • DL- alanine

      DL- alanineProduct features Dl-alanine also known as dl-l-amino-propionic acid;CAS NO.:302-72-7, molecular formula: C3H7NO2;Density: 1,424;Melting point: 272-275℃;Boiling point: 212.9 C at 760 mmHg;Flash point: 82.6 C. Appearance: colorless to white......Contact now

    • Soybean isoflavone

      Soybean isoflavoneProduct features Soy isoflavone (SI), also known as phy-toestrogen, belongs to: flavonoids;It is a kind of secondary metabolite formed in soybean growth and is a kind of bioactive substance. Product features Soy isoflavones affect hormone s......Contact now

    • Glycine hydrochloride

      Glycine hydrochlorideproduct attribute Glycine HCL is also known as aminoacetic acid.Glutamic acid hydrochloride;Aminoacetic acid hydrochloride is an organic raw material with molecular formula C2H6ClNO2, molecular weight 335.4874, melting point 176-180 C(lit.)......Contact now

    • l-glutamic acid

      l-glutamic acidProduct features L-Glutamic acid also called L - - amino glutaric acid, CAS number: 56-86-0 formula: C5H9NO4 molecular weight: 147.13. Melting point 205 C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation 32 (C =10,2N HCl) boiling point 267.21C (rough estimat......Contact now

    • Glycine peptide

      Glycine peptideProduct Feature Glycylglycine, C4H8N2O3, CAS NO.:556-50-3.Flash point: 227.9 DHS C, melting point: 220-240 C (dec), density: 1.337 g/cm3, WATER solubility: SOLUBLE IN HOT WATER, boiling point: 453.2 DHS C at 760 mmHg. Appearance and propert......Contact now

    • calcium glycine

      calcium glycineProduct features Calcium glycinate, formula: Ca(NH2CH2COO)2H2O;Molecular weight: 206.204 Physical and chemical properties: white powder, easily soluble in water. Product use New calcium supplement, calcium gluconate and other calcium supple......Contact now

    • L-threonine

      L-threonineProduct features L-threonine molecular formula: C4H9NO3 molecular weight: 119.12;CAS: 72-19-5.Melting point: 256 C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation: -28.4 (C =6, H2O) boiling point: 222.38C (rough estimate) density: 1.3126 (rough estimate)Whi......Contact now

    • Sodium glycine

      Sodium glycineProduct features Sodium glycinate, also known as Sodium amino-acetate.CAS no. : 6000-44-8, molecular formula: NH2CH2COONa, EINECS no. : 227-842-3. The solid sodium glycine is a white or pale yellow crystalline powder.Hygroscopicity, soluble......Contact now

    • L- tryptophan

      L- tryptophanProduct features L-tryptophan molecular formula: C11H12N2O2 molecular weight: 204.23;CAS: 73-22-3.Melting point: 289-290 C (dec.)(lit.) specific rotation: -31.1 (C =1, H20) boiling point: 342.72C (rough estimate) density: 1.34 The appearanc......Contact now